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scholarships for online masters programs, scholarships
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The Financial Aid Program for Nursing Schools Part 1: Nurse School Scholarships For the prospective nursing student it is a field which has a wealth of grants and scholarships available. This article will focus on a specific option for prospective nursing students. It includes the school of nursing scholarships. The subsequent articles will cover grants as well as other types of financial aid that are available to nursing students.

scholarships for online masters programs, scholarships

In the beginning, scholarships are classified into three categories: merit-based, need-based or what is known in the context of “service-based”.

There are a lot of nursing school scholarships to choose from. Federal scholarship funds are very generously distributed to nursing schools across the nation. Every state offers a type of nursing school grant or scholarships available to future and ongoing nursing students.

There’s also an abundant selection of private foundations which offer both one-time and ongoing nurse school scholarship. Professional and private associations often provide scholarships in addition. Even the five branches of the military offer scholarships to military personnel (sometimes the immediate family members) who want to pursue the nursing degree.

Need-based Scholarships
Need-based nursing scholarships are granted in accordance with the financial needs of the new or prospective student, or to those from social groups with low representation (in numbers of students enrolled) at universities and colleges. Some need-based scholarships target particular ethnic groups, like Hispanic, Arabic, Japanese or African American. These nursing scholarships are open to disabled people.

Merit-Based Scholarships
Merit-based nursing scholarships are granted by either an institution of higher education or a university, or, in some cases, a private organization or foundation. They typically require a long essay or an in-person meeting with their committee on scholarship that has the responsibility of deciding the recipients of the scholarship. Nursing students who are considering applying for scholarships are usually required to submit a recommendation letter from their employer or former (or present) educator to their committee on scholarship. The recipients are selected by the scholarship committee based upon the the student’s academic accomplishments. Sometimes, they consider the student’s involvement in a form or community-based service.

scholarships for online masters programs, scholarships

Service-Based Scholarships
The United States government often sponsors nursing scholarships for students. They also offer scholarships to students. U.S. government also has numerous nursing scholarships within The Veterans Affairs Health Careers and the National Health Service Corps. After graduating, the recipients of the nursing scholarships bound to complete their contract in government officials of the U.S. government and serve between two and eight years in one of the five branches in the military in accordance with the arrangement that was agreed upon at the time the scholarship was awarded.

Scholarships for nursing schools are available in:

  • Professional Scholarship Associations
  • Scholarships from the Government and Military
  • Private foundations

Professional Association Scholarships
A lot of professional organizations are interested in generating and hopefully getting well-educated nurses. The majority of professional organizations hope that the nurse they have invested in will be able to repay their investment by conducting research and studying the latest trends, and advances in different technologies that can improve their patient care. Through this method, professional associations typically encourage most qualified candidates to meet their nursing school objectives.

Professional associations may also be founded on the educational background. They typically draw from or consult with The American Association of Colleges of Nursing which connects professionals from universities and colleges.

These organizations are also able to draw attention to specific places to unique experiences. The financial aid they award are not always a limited amount.

Government and Military Scholarships
The United States government offers nursing scholarships to students from across the country. Its National Health Service Corps encourages students to work in difficult areas in exchange for financial assistance. It is also sponsored by the Us Department of Health also offers a variety of financial aid forms for nursing students.

Five U.S. military branches may provide financial aid to nursing students. In most cases, students need to have ROTC members. They include the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy all provide financial aid for nursing schools.

This list has briefly discussed the possibilities that are available to those who want to earning a nursing degree there are numerous options as well as combinations of scholarship options that could be considered. In the next article, we will look at the possibility of nursing grants as well as the possibility of repayable financial aid.

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